Samarin 140 is a hepatic protector


100 tablets of 140mg
Manufactured by Berlin Pharmaceutical


The liver has several vital functions to perform in the human body: for example, it plays a dominant role in metabolism (sugar, proteins and fats) in digestion (secretion of bile) and in the detoxification of waste.
Any form of liver damage causes changes in the liver cell membranes and in this way impairs the functional capacity of the liver.

Silymarin, the active ingredient in Samarin, is of plant origin; it acts as a cell membrane stabilizer and is able to protect the liver from deleterious agents and restore damaged liver cells to normal.
These effects are reflected in the improvement of the general condition, relief of digestive disorders.


For acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, toxic-metabolic liver damage…
Drug-induced liver damage, poisoning, radiation exposure.
Silymarin is a complex flavonoid from Silybum marianum, an herb that was originally touted as a therapeutic agent by European researchers, but soon picked up by their counterparts in China for the treatment of liver disease.

Its main action is to protect the liver from damage, and it is used, for example, in the early stage of liver destruction due to the ingestion of poisonous mushrooms, to save the lives of victims.

A dose of 140 mg/day is reported to have a liver protective effect and a dosage of 420 mg/day is reported to aid repair of liver damage.

Samarin 140 contains the same active ingredient as Legalon.


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