TB 500 – Pack 10 vials


TB500 is a anabolic product interesting for bodybuilding. It is a 43 amino acid peptide hormone and muscle growth factor to increase strength and endurance through its anabolic properties.


Type: Injection

Pack: 10 vial (2mg/vial)

Substance : Thymosin beta 4

Manufacturer : BlueTop

TB 500 or thymosin βeta 4 is a peptide hormone composed of 43 amino acids which was isolated in 1981 in the thymus, located at the base of the neck and which serves to mature T lymphocytes, blood cells responsible for cellular immunity. The TB 500 has been used in racehorses and experiments in mice have shown a 20% increase in physical abilities, results that have not been confirmed in humans. Thymosin βeta 4 is in fact a gene that regulates actin synthesis at the muscle level and belongs to a family of 16 peptides acting in muscle contraction.

We are talking about anabolic properties with increased endurance and strength. Muscle recovery would also be facilitated because of an action on angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels (vascularization). This peptide would also be anti-inflammatory and would promote healing, which would improve on the one hand the recovery of muscle cells and on the other hand the time for muscle regeneration after an injury for example. Although no study has demonstrated its effectiveness in humans, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has yet classified the TB 500 in the category of doping substances (peptide hormones, growth factors and related substances) and even opens the list to any other growth factor in the muscle, tendon or ligament influencing protein synthesis, vascularization, energy utilization, regenerative capacity or change in fiber type.This demonstrates that TB 500 is an effective hormone in terms of anabolic substance.


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